Between 2018 and 2021, I collaborated with the company Wilko Lux-Enseignes on the graphic design of mockups for some of their client projects.

The objective was to put customers’ visual identity into perspective, while enhancing it and making the best use of the techniques and solutions used by Wilko Lux-Enseignes.

It happened to me to design logos or graphic elements for clients who did not have a graphic identity, or who wanted to modernize it, these were original creations.

Here are some examples of our collaboration:



creation of an adhesive vinyl poster to be stuck on the metal shutter of the former Hill’s Music store in Brussels (150 x 150 cm)



new logo for a new pharmacy, la Pharmacie de Belval, in Esch/Alzette


new logo for a new hotel, l’Hôtel JJ32, in Luxembourg (gare)



photomontage of the wall sign of the Hotel JJ32 (with CorelDraw) | photo of the wall sign installed


project for a new facade for the restaurant Le Vaudrée 7, in Wolkrange-Messancy, in the same design as the Casino Golden Palace (also renovated by Wilko Lux-Enseignes)

photo of the restaurant before renovation

photomontage of the future facade (with Photoshop)

photos of the result of the new facade